The New-Style Bistro

With our unique selection of menu choices, we redefine the dining and take-out experience, as well as expectations.

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The Restaurant

With the mindset to bring forth a truly unique dining experience, we provide fresh and delectable meals.

With a small but wholesome menu, we are able to bring to you unmatched quality.

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  • French Toast

    Thick slices of bread, soaked in a mixture of beaten eggs with milk and cinnamon and served with butter and maple syrup

  • Waffle

    Belgian waffle cooked perfectly with home-made recipe. Served with maple syrup and butter.

  • Pancakes

    3 Large warm fluffy home-made pancakes.

  • 2 Egg Breakfast

    Served your way with home fries and toast

  • Bagel (Plain, Poppy or Everything)

    with Butter: $2.15

    with Cream Cheese: $2.50

    with Jelly: $2.99

  • Oatmeal Bowl

    Large bowl cooked in water, regular milk or almond milk with a hint of cinnamon (Add fruit topping for $1)

  • 3-Egg Omelettes (Custom)

    Served w/ home fries & toast

    Create your own: Any two (2) ingredients
    (+ .50 for each addtional)

    Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Cheddar Cheese, American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Turkey Bacon

  • Breakfast Sandwich (On any bread or bagel!)

    2 Eggs: $3.75

    Meat Only: $3.99

    Any Meat & Eggs: $4.65

    Any Meat & Cheese: $4.75

    Any Meat, Egg & Cheese: $4.99

    BLT: $5.99

    (Meat Choice: Pork Roll, Bacon, Ham, Turkey, Sausage)
    (Additions: Meat 99¢ | Egg or Cheese 75¢ | Hashbrown $1.25)

Breakfast Sides

Pork Roll • Bacon • Turkey Bacon • Ham • Pork/Turkey/Beef Sausage • Toast • Oatmeal • Home / French Fries • Eggs • 1x Pancake • Hashbrowns

  • Thai Basil Chicken

    Stir fried lightly caramelized chicken with fresh Thai basil, garlic & bell peppers with white rice

    L:$8.25 D:$10.99
  • Pad Thai

    Served with chicken or extra veggies

  • Pan-Tossed Beef

    Beef cubes in a Vietnamese sauce

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

    Served with bell peppers & rice

  • Curry

    Served with either chicken or tofu

  • Club Panini w/ Fries

    Sliced turkey and ham w/ swiss

  • Turkey Panini w/ Fries

    Sliced turkey breast w/ provolone

  • Grilled Cheese w/ Fries

  • Pan-Fried Chicken

    Vietnamese style marinated chicken w/ honey

  • Grilled Pork

    Marinated in homemade sauce over broken rice Vietnamese style

  • Chicken Tenders w/ Fries

    Served with fries

  • Caramelized Salmon

    Pan fried in our custom sauce

  • Gourmet Burger

    Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Cheese and house sauce.

  • Cheesesteak w/ Fries

  • Fried Rice

    Served with chicken or tofu

    L:$7.25 D:$9.25
  • Chicken/Tofu and Broccoli

    Thin sliced chicken breast or tofu stir fried with fresh broccoli and carrots in our thick savory sauce

    L:$7.40 D:$10.50
  • Beef and Broccoli

    Thin sliced beef stir fried with fresh broccoli and carrots in our thick savory sauce

    L:$8.99 D:$11.65
  • General Tso Chicken/Tofu

    Lightly breaded chicken or tofu sautéed in our tangy and sweet sauce with steamed rice

    L:$8.50 D:$11.55
  • House Salad

    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, onions with your choice of dressing. (Add grilled chicken for $3.25)

  • Grilled Salmon Salad

    Over lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, cilantro, with pomegranate dressing.

    Dressings: Italian, Russian, Pomegrante, Thousand Island
  • BLT Wrap

    Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato in a soft tortilla wrap

  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap

    Choice of crispy or grilled chicken breast with lettuce and tomatoes in a mild buffalo sauce

  • BBQ Chicken Wrap

    Choice of crispy or grilled chicken breast with lettuce and red onions in BBQ sauce

  • Steak Wrap

    Sirloin steak with lettuce and tomatoes in our signature steak sauce

  • Salad Wrap

    Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes & onions tossed in your choice of dressing

  • Salmon Wrap

    Fresh caramelized salmon with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes & onions tossed in your choice of dressing

  • All Cheese Quesadilla

    Provalone, Pepper Jack, Amercian, Cheddar & Swiss

  • Chicken Quesadilla

    With your choice of cheese

  • BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

    With your choice of cheese

  • Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

    With your choice of cheese

  • Cheesesteak Quesadilla

    With your choice of cheese

  • Boneless

    (8) (10) (16)
    $7.99 $9.99 $13.99
  • Bone-In

    (6) (12) (18)
    $8.49 $14.49 $21.99
  • Wing Sauces: BBQ, Mild Buffalo or Sweet n' Savory
  • Mozzarella Sticks

    Six breaded and crispy sticks with melty Mozzarella inside.

  • Bottled Water

  • Root Beer

  • Orange Juice

  • Sweetened/Unsweetened Tea

  • Sprite/Coke

  • Jarritos (Mango, Mandarin, Sangria)

  • Coffee

    Small Medium Large
    Specialty Regular/Decaf Coffee $2.25 $2.75 $3.25
    Vietnamese Coffee (Hot) $3.25 - -
    Vietnamese Coffee (Iced) - $3.99 $4.25
  • Tea

    Small Medium Large
    Green Tea $2.00 - -
    Hot Chocolate $2.25 - -
    Thai Iced Tea - $4.25 -


Bubble tea is a cold, frothy drink made with iced green tea, sweetened with a non-dairy creamer and/or other flavorings, and usually served with sweet black “pearls” made from tapioca.
Alternatively, you may choose to use the pop boba instead, which are flavored fruit juice pellets that burst when chewed OR flavored jelly bits.


Mango | Strawberry | Coconut | Watermelon | Peach | Green Apple | Cantaloupe | Thai Tea | Almond | Pineapple | Vanilla | Avocado | Banana | Blueberry | Mocha | Cappuccino | Latte


Pearls: Tapioca Black Pearls | Brown Sugar Pearls
Pop Boba: Yogurt | Mango | Lychee | Passionfruit | Strawberry | Peach


Jelly (+.50¢): Mixed Fruit | Lychee | Pineapple | Green Tea | Green Apple | Mango | Strawberry Hearts | Coffee

* The US Food and Drug Administration advises that eating uncooked or partially cooked meat, seafood, shellfish, milk, poultry and/or eggs may increase your risk for food borne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions

Fresh Food - Not Fast Food

It is our goal to provide fresh and quality meals, without taking shortcuts.

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